Population Health Management

Managing the continuum of high- and low- risk cases of an entire population to
avoid future costs associated with members’ lifestyles or chronic conditions

Population Health Management supports members in all stages of health. Backed by clinically proven behavioral assessment and modification tools, the program offers personalized coaching to empower participants to set goals that are incremental and achievable. Enhanced online tools and education provide participants the best opportunity for achieving health goals.

Targeting healthy individuals — employees and spouses — along with those at risk for developing chronic conditions.

Disease Management
American Health’s URAC-accredited Disease Management targets nine prevalent conditions for which evidence-based guidelines are established to impact health and measure improvements.


  • In order to be successful in this industry, tailored solutions that are customized to my company's needs make all the difference. It is this approach that American Health offers that others can't provide.
    Shelli Lara

    Innovative Healthcare Delivery Las Vegas, NV
  • American Health's integration of data in one place that can actually speak to one another (Disease Management can speak to Case Management, etc.) is a strong point to our book of business. Information is available to everyone, which really plugs some holes in the whole wellness/chronic disease management continuum. This filled our need for a program to manage people with chronic conditions and not just the catastrophic.
    Tina Vasen
    VP Marketing

    Trusteed Plan Services Corp. Tacoma, WA
  • We've never worked with a company in this realm that allowed us to customize their processes for our specific program or that has provided the level of customer service that we receive. We use their iSuite EZ reporting system every day.
    Cassie Castillvo
    TPA Consultant

  • American Health has provided a great resource with their ability to assist with RFP and sales opportunities. They are always willing to customize materials and programs to best fit our clients' and prospects' needs.
    Bill Bixler
    Sr. Account Executive

    The Loomis Company Wyomissing, PA
  • American Health has been able to provide services that are integrated into our systems, offer products that meet and exceed the marketplace at competitive pricing, and provide a service team that is second to none. The American Health team provides the clinical support needed in today's complex market and offers a suite of products that are built into the Allied marketing platform. Their systems are easy to use, and the staff provides wonderful service and support to our team.
    John Kachergius
    Vice President of Administration

    Allied Benefit Systems, Inc. Chicago, IL
  • American Health is very flexible in meeting our clients' ever-changing needs. They are always willing to explore new opportunities that are not part of their standard product package.
    Missy Reasinger
    Senior Account Manager

    Harrington Health Westerville, OH