iSuite EZ Reports

Providing clients with their choice of electronic reporting options

For clients who prefer electronic or hard copy reports, American Health offers two EZ Reports options:


  • Set up by American Health's Business Support Team
  • System-generated during off hours
  • Clients can access EZ Reports through the iSuite portal
  • Ideal for running standard reports at predetermined, set intervals (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly)


On Demand

  • Generated by the client on an as-needed basis using preset templates
  • Ideal for running reports at renewal time or for custom date ranges
  • Reports can be generated at the client or group level and simultaneously run for multiple groups


Program Highlights

  • User-friendly portal
  • Online option eliminates fax or mail time
  • Accessible via the EZ Reports page on iSuite
  • Secure portal and role-based access ensure confidentiality of information
  • Search capability allows clients to quickly find important information within a report
  • Copy and paste functionality allows for reproduction of specific report elements
  • Reports can be saved to the client’s network and e-mailed or printed as needed 


What makes the iSuite software effective for clients?


  • American Health has been an integral part of a collaborative team helping to manage the cost of services in a highly complex health market. Through personalized customer services, American Health focuses on providing timely and accurate responses and helps to ensure the right services are delivered at the right costs.
    Larry Slaff

    Benefit Planning Inc. Edmond, OK
  • We've never worked with a company in this realm that allowed us to customize their processes for our specific program or that has provided the level of customer service that we receive. We use their iSuite EZ reporting system every day.
    Cassie Castillvo
    TPA Consultant

  • We have used American Health Holding for over five years. I have always found their staff friendly and knowledgeable. There have been a few instances where we have looked for a unique service or had a specific request. American Health Holding has always been quick to respond to our requests and has gone above and beyond to fulfill them. We have had measurable cost savings to our Plan by using the diverse suite of resources available to us by American Health Holding. They are truly a pleasure to work with.
    Melissa Crawford
    Claims Supervisor

    Iron Workers District Council Rochester, NY
  • ChiroMetrics views American Health Holding as an industry leader in medical management and values every opportunity to partner with them.
    Michael Richard
    Vice President, Business Development

    ChiroMetrics, Inc.