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A typical day at American Health

One of the biggest assets of American Health’s business model and technology is its capacity to support the volume and the range of cases managed for clients and members. Learn more about American Health’s metrics of success.

American Health sees each day as a new opportunity to grow its business, support its clients, research opportunities for better outcomes and respond to the demands of a constantly changing industry. It’s no secret that American Health employees play a pivotal role in the continued success of our organization. Whether clinical, managerial, operational or technical, the diversity of our expertise results in cost-effective, quality care for members.

In 2021, our Utilization Management team reviewed over 325,000 cases, including inpatient and outpatient services. This complex process is overseen by our experienced medical director.  

Our case managers, with an average of 10 years of experience, handle all types of long-term, complex medical cases, helping members navigate the complicated world of health care and assisting our clients in containing costs. With more than 33,000 cases managed in 2021, American Health case managers have diverse specialty backgrounds including medical/surgical, psychiatric/substance abuse, rehabilitation, maternity, neonatal and pediatrics, oncology, transplant and chronic kidney disease/renal. 

Disease Management nurse health coaches educate members on nine conditions that have the highest prevalence in many populations. By lowering a member’s high cholesterol, or coaching members on how to talk to their doctors, we get results that matter.  As a result, members have a 99.6% satisfaction with American Health’s Disease Management program.

On any given day – or with five planes in the air at one time – American Health’s medical evacuation team may be called on to navigate a complex transport from the Caribbean or another remote location to a destination facility in the United States. In fact, our service, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, has managed more than 1,900 cases.

At the same time, our medical cost containment department may discover an unreasonable procedure charge while auditing a client’s bill, adding to the 28% of average savings it provides to clients.       

At American Health, there is no such thing as typical. Our teamwork approach is always focused on improving results.


  • Employees are the single most important asset of any company. I feel it is my responsibility as president of our company to provide products and services to give our employees an opportunity to enjoy a happier and healthier life. Healthy employees are not only happier, but more productive. This is where American Health Holding's team fits our objectives perfectly. We have been able to integrate their products and services into our benefits programs, giving our staff every opportunity to lead a healthy and productive life. Thank you American Health Holding!
    Mark R. Baldwin

    Baldwin House Agency, Inc Nashville, IL
  • Our more than 20 years' experience in the industry has shown that now more than ever, companies must be client-focused and flexible to compete in today's market. I'm impressed by the way American Health Holding listens to individual client needs to develop customized solutions. Their client-driven, strong service attitude begins with their CEO and is seen throughout their company in everything they do.
    Brad Hiller
    Vice President of Sales

    Interactive Health Schaumburg, IL
  • American Health has continuously demonstrated their understanding of our philosophy; people come first. The staff at American Health care about what they do, and it clearly shows in every aspect of the services they perform for our clients.
    Colonial Medical Insurance
    Hamilton, Bermuda

  • We have been working with American Health since 2011 and find great value with their products and services. Their staff is always supportive and helpful, and they are above average outfit that offers superior service.
    Sandra L. Dickerson
    Benefit Manager

    Decision Science Inc. Baltimore, MD
  • I am very pleased with all the timely efforts of American Health with our implementation and once we went live. My relationship with American Health is great, and I want to thank them for all their efforts in making this relationship a success.
    Erica Smith
    Claims Supervisor

    Lockard and Williams Insurance Pascagoula, MS
  • American Health Holding has been a preferred vendor partner for PBA for more than 13 years. AHH makes it easy to work with them because of their commitment to providing quality customer service and a variety of cost containment solutions
    Diane Geiger
    Director of Sales Support

    Professional Benefit Administrators, Inc. Oak Brook, IL