Client Satisfaction Survey

What drives client satisfaction at American Health Holding?

Our 2021 client satisfaciton survey was administered by our independent consultant, Saperstein Associates. We perform our client survey every other year which fulfills a requirement of our URAC accreditation.

We are pleased to report that we received a Net Promoter Score (NPS®) of 50 which is considered "Excellent". Net Promoter Score is a measure of how likely a client is to recommend (promote) services to an associate or colleague in a position like theirs. Scores range from -100 to 100. A score of 50 or higher is considered "excellent".

Some other key highlights from the survey include:

  • 95% of clients agree that our services are a good value
  • 95% would recommend American Health
  • 93% believe American Health is innovative
  • 95% say that we are easy to work with
  • 99% believe our staff are well-trained, knowledgeable professionals

AHH 2021 Client Satisfaction Survey Results.pdf


  • American Health has been an integral part of a collaborative team helping to manage the cost of services in a highly complex health market. Through personalized customer services, American Health focuses on providing timely and accurate responses and helps to ensure the right services are delivered at the right costs.
    Larry Slaff

    Benefit Planning Inc. Edmond, OK
  • There is an account management service philosophy that AHH has as an organization. Every touch point is a good experience. Good listening, good follow-through and flexibility without compromising the integrity of the AHH program.
    Ann Lervold, MA
    Quality & Health Promotion Services Manager

    First Choice Health Seattle, WA
  • We have been using American Health Holding for many years. From the relationship with our account executive to the quality of service provided, American Health is a knowledgeable and reliable partner.
    Thomas R. Daniel

    New Orleans Employers - International Longshoremen's Association New Orleans, LA
  • Flexibility has always been at the top. American Health goes out of its way to be in the forefront of new services and new products. They have a broad scope of case managers with a variety of specialties. They're cutting edge and a leader in the medical management industry.
    Kerry Kovaleski
    Director of Medical Management & Provider Relations

    Arizona Foundation for Medical Care Phoenix, AZ
  • Working with AHH has been a very positive experience. Their customer service is outstanding as is their product. I would recommend this company to anyone interested in enhancing their health care benefits and having a potential cost savings.
    Cindy Daly
    Account Executive

    Regional Care, Inc. Scottsbluff, NE