Member Testimonials

Exceptional, kind, knowledgeable, helpful, caring, wonderful and irreplaceable. These are just a few words that our members have used to describe our case managers, Disease Management nurse health coaches, maternity nurse specialists and Medical Transportation care coordinators. Below are firsthand accounts of some of our members’ experiences with our incredible staff.


Case Management

“[My case manager] was extremely helpful and always available. She was genuine in her concern for our entire family and always followed up with me. She is a definite asset to your organization!”

“I was diagnosed last year with breast cancer. [My case manager] checked on me frequently and made my recovery helpful and at ease. I had to go through chemo and radiation and felt like she was with me every step of the way! I am very thankful for her!”

“I have nothing but high praise for my case manager! She was very respectful, encouraging and extremely helpful. Since I have a very, very rare case, she researched and called to find out answers. [She] went above and beyond her duty and for that I am extremely grateful. I wish more people had her heart, concern and care.”

Disease Management

“This program and the nurse I get to talk with have completely changed how I manage my diabetes. She gives me suggestions and informs me about the medication I am taking. I look forward to sharing my progress with her.”

“[My nurse] is a world of knowledge and information. She has suggested things not even my doctors have, and I see many for several different chronic diseases.”

“My experience with [my] coach is exceptional: we talk, exchange and share ideas and remedies, and many times our conversations end with laughter. I look forward to her calls and feel that she is truly concerned.”

Maternity Management

“[My nurse] was wonderful! She was very friendly and always easy to talk to. I felt comfortable asking her anything.”

“This program is very helpful to new moms and moms who already have a child. Thank you so much!”

“[My nurse] was very professional, knowledgeable and helpful during my pregnancy process and afterwards. It’s obvious she cares about people and her job.”

Medical Transportation

“I’m not sure what we would have done without the tremendous support and assistance by the Medical Transportation representative. She was timely in calling us and keeping us updated as she said she would, reassuring, spoke with the physician on several occasions, and assisted with travel documents and airline travel for family, as we could not travel on the air ambulance plane. We would have been lost without her.”

“The compassion and time extended to our family at a very stressful and difficult time was most appreciated. The representative was very comforting, and she followed up with us after the arrival and assisted with lodging arrangements. Wonderful.”

“Over-the-top support and excellent communications. All went smoothly at a very challenging time. We are so thankful our insurance company has these individuals. Job well done.”


  • American Health has continuously demonstrated their understanding of our philosophy; people come first. The staff at American Health care about what they do, and it clearly shows in every aspect of the services they perform for our clients.
    Colonial Medical Insurance
    Hamilton, Bermuda

  • We find working with American Health to be extremely beneficial and valuable to our clients. The customer service is exceptional along with the products and services. It's a pleasure having a product and service that truly saves our clients time and money.
    Jennifer Sardo
    Employee Benefits Senior Account Manager

    Associated Financial Group Minnetonka, MN
  • American Health case managers are just more unique at a professional level. Their communication skills are filled with knowledge; they are very prompt to respond, extremely honest and very good with members. Whenever I refer someone over to Case Management, I never question the level of expertise our members will receive.
    Carol Stolzenbach

    Diversified Group Brokerage Marlborough, CT
  • The case managers that I have a relationship with are extremely pleasant, knowledgeable, thorough and receptive - every word you could possibly think of. They're awesome. Our case management supervisor is an incredible go-to person for me.
    Joni Clover
    Claims Department Manager

    Employee Benefit Systems Burlington, IA
  • The staff at American Health is a valuable resource to our claims administration team. Anything our team at MEBA needs, whether it be questions regarding a precert or the more complex details of a high-cost member in Case Management, the American Health staff is always helpful and knowledgeable.
    Patty Kelly

    MEBA Benefit Plans Baltimore, MD
  • I have been very impressed with American Health's client support. If one person is out I can call someone else who is always willing to assist. This is extremely helpful to our case management and medical review needs.
    Jeannie Couey

    BAS Limited Ridgeland, MS