Metrics of Success

How has American Health been performing?

How do you define success? At American Health, we believe it's doing the right thing at the right time in a manner that can be measured and tracked. We’re never satisfied, and we continue to look for ways to improve the outcomes we provide for our clients and members. A sampling of our savings, satisfaction, ROI and other key indicators is shared below. For insight on the some of the stories behind the metrics, read about a day in the life at American Health.  


Utilization Management – Key Statistics

Average Utilization Management ROI – 6.6 to 1

Percent of Utilization Management cases referred to American Health Case Management – 22.1%  


Case Management – Key Statistics                                             

Total cases managed in 2018 – 30,112

Average Case Management ROI – 5.4 to 1  

Number of attempts made to contact members in 2018 – 3.9, on average (compared to an industry average of 1.7*)

Individuals who refused Case Management services in 2019 – 2.74% (compared to an industry average of 11.27%*)

Overall member satisfaction in 2019 – 96.71% (compared to an industry average of 96.21%*)

*Based on reports from URAC-accredited Case Management companies. Data was not audited or made public by URAC.


Oncology Case Management – Key Statistics

Total cases managed in 2018 – 30,112

Average Oncology ROI – 5.0 to 1  


Transplant Case Management – Key Statistics 

Average Transplant ROI – 19.3 to 1  


Disease Management – Key Statistics

Average annual claim cost reduction per managed member – $5,364

Percent of Disease Management participants who are satisfied with the program – 99.2%*

*2021 Disease Management Participant Satisfaction Survey  


Maternity Management – Key Statistics

Average Maternity Management ROI – 9.1 to 1

Average Maternity Case Management ROI – 17.8 to 1

Average Neonatal and Pediatric Case Management ROI – 4.4 to 1 


Integrated Behavioral Health – Key Statistics

Average Integrated Behavioral Health ROI – 3.5 to 1

Pre-Admission and Post-Discharge Counseling – Key Statistics

Reduction in readmission rates for program participants compared to non-participants:

Pre-Admission Counseling – 61% lower

Post-Discharge Counseling – 35% lower

Both Pre-Admission and Post-Discharge Counseling Rate – 47% lower

For more information on our programs, please contact the American Health sales representative assigned to your territory.


  • American Health Holding is always very responsive to our needs and concerns. They have taken our issues seriously and always treated them as a priority.
    Joanne Sciuto
    Vice President of Client Services

    Automated Benefit Services, Inc. Sterling Heights, MI
  • American Health provides the oversight needed to manage claims costs. Their Case Management department is customized to meet our clients' needs versus the industry standards.
    Michael Lagalante

    International Benefits Administrators LLC Garden City, NY
  • American Health is easy to work with, very responsive and communicative. Their turnaround time is excellent. We are very satisfied, especially with the Medical Review staff.
    Edwin Embry
    Director of Benefits

    Cement Masons & Laborers Health & Welfare Fund Northern, CA
  • We have a level of trust in their services because of such high quality and professional staff. It is very helpful when responding back to our customers' questions. Our companies are simply a good fit for one another.
    Cindy Evenson

    Benefit Plan Administrators of Eau Claire Eau Claire, WI
  • ChiroMetrics views American Health Holding as an industry leader in medical management and values every opportunity to partner with them.
    Michael Richard
    Vice President, Business Development

    ChiroMetrics, Inc.