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American Health receives "excellent" Net Promoter Score of 50

April 5, 2022 - American Health has completed our biennial client satisfaction survey, which was adminstered by independent consultant Saperstein Associates and are proud to share the results.

In addition to an "excellent" Net Promoter Score (NPS®) of 50, our clients had the following impressions of our service:

  • 95% say our services are a good value
  • 95% would recommend American Health to a colleague
  • 95% say that we are easy to work with
  • 93% believe we are innovative

Below are some testimonials our clients shared:

  • "Their suite of products, value, results, and ease of use is above all the competition."
  • "American Health is more nimble and flexible than their competitors."
  • "They are my go-to."

For an overview of our 2021 results and more information, visit the Client Satisfaction Survey page of our website.


  • The value that American Health brings to our clients and members is invaluable to our company. In a recent case, American Health coordinated the transfer of a plan member's daughter to a nearby hospital following a tragic accident. Relieving the burden of responsibility to the family while carefully managing costs is the type of service we can expect from American Health.
    Cindy Sonnen

    Simplifi Health Benefit Management, LLC Columbus, OH
  • American Health's integration of data in one place that can actually speak to one another (Disease Management can speak to Case Management, etc.) is a strong point to our book of business. Information is available to everyone, which really plugs some holes in the whole wellness/chronic disease management continuum. This filled our need for a program to manage people with chronic conditions and not just the catastrophic.
    Tina Vasen
    VP Marketing

    Trusteed Plan Services Corp. Tacoma, WA
  • The reason we continue to use American Health is because we can rely on them for defensible and reasonable reviews of our non-contracting provider bills (out- of- network claims). We have come to find their services invaluable.
    Pauline Hann
    Benefits Manager

    Carpenters Health & Welfare Trust Fund for CA Oakland, CA
  • American Health is and has always been very receptive to any need that we may have in servicing our clients. Their products and services are constantly being updated to meet the changing needs of this market. I would highly recommend AHH to anyone needing medical management services.
    Deb Immel