How is American Health Holding able to provide a lower pricing model?

Services you can trust at a great price

We provide exceptional service at a great value. We’re able to do this in large part because of our proprietary medical management system, iSuite, which allows us to customize business rules down to the plan level while maintaining high productivity. Our clients benefit from our efficiency with a lower priced model while still being able to rely on the quality of our services.


  • American Health has been an integral part of a collaborative team helping to manage the cost of services in a highly complex health market. Through personalized customer services, American Health focuses on providing timely and accurate responses and helps to ensure the right services are delivered at the right costs.
    Larry Slaff

    Benefit Planning Inc. Edmond, OK
  • The value that American Health brings to our clients and members is invaluable to our company. In a recent case, American Health coordinated the transfer of a plan member's daughter to a nearby hospital following a tragic accident. Relieving the burden of responsibility to the family while carefully managing costs is the type of service we can expect from American Health.
    Cindy Sonnen

    Simplifi Health Benefit Management, LLC Columbus, OH
  • We have been working with American Health since 2011 and find great value with their products and services. Their staff is always supportive and helpful, and they are above average outfit that offers superior service.
    Sandra L. Dickerson
    Benefit Manager

    Decision Science Inc. Baltimore, MD
  • American Health has provided us unique options that are customized to the needs of our clients. They offer flexibility, wonderful support and great service at a fair price.
    Renee Stout

    Capitol Administrators Rancho Cordova, CA
  • USI/Southwest - Austin has selected American Health to provide services for our clients for several years. With the diversity of our accounts, their array of coverage capabilities with appropriate price points makes American Health a preferred provider for our clients.
    Karel Mosebrook
    Employee Benefits Consultant

    USI Southwest Austin, TX